Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dad Wants Free Gas

For the past few years, Dockers has run some spectacular promotions during the Father’s Day sales blitz. They usually involve buying $100 of Dockers merchandise to get free rewards. A few years back, the reward was a free portable DVD player (which has saved the Diva family’s sanity on several long car trips). This year, there were multiple Docker promotions through various stores. The deal that we took advantage of was the Sears Dockers Shell Gift Card offer. Here’s how it worked:

Standard Deal:
Buy $100 of Dockers men’s apparel and/or accessories at Sears during the June promotion period and mail in the form to get a $75 Shell Gas Card in return. Limit one request per person, two per household. Separate qualifying purchases on separate receipts required.

What great timing! Daddy Diva had just changed jobs, which involved a move from a business casual environment to a business formal environment. We were definitely in the market for a wider selection of dress shirts and ties.

Spin the Deal:
In addition to the gas card promotion, Sears was running a 40-50% off sale on all men’s Dockers apparel. That’s a $167 value for $100. Or, if you double the deal, that’s a $334 value for $200. So, to make the most of this spin, I chose the items with the highest percentage off.

The Ultimate Diva Deal:
As I shopped the Dockers section at Sears, I noticed that there were quite a few racks of Dockers shirts, pants, and ties on clearance for 75% off. Taking a quick look at the offer form, I verified that sale or clearance merchandise were eligible for the gas card offer. Since we could do two separate purchases per household, I split my purchase into two and headed to the checkout counter with a gigantic armload of clothing. Here’s the final breakdown:

Mommy Diva’s Purchase:
2 Men’s Dress Shirts – Reg. $30 each, Sale $14.99 each: $29.98
8 Men’s Dress Shirts – Reg. $40 each, Sale $9.99 each: $79.92
Total: 10 shirts, Reg. $380 value:

Daddy Div
a’s Purchase:
2 Men’s Dress Shirts – Reg. $30 each, Sale $14.99 each: $29.98
4 Men’s Ties – Reg. $30 each, Sale $17.99 each: $71.96
Total: 2 shirts, 4 ties, Reg. $180 value:

Total Purchase:
12 shirts, 4 ties, Reg. $560 value: $211.84
Minus: Mommy Diva’s Shell gas card: - $75.00
Minus: Daddy Diva’s Shell gas card: - $75.00
Grand Total out of pocket:

Mommy and Daddy Diva’s Shell gas cards came in the mail this week. And, as an added bonus, they even included $10 off Sears coupons with each gas card.

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