Monday, September 8, 2008

Walgreens Register Rewards FAQ

Every week, Walgreens offers bonus savings on select items that can be used on future purchases. When you purchase these select items, along with your receipt, you will receive a coupon called a Register Reward. The Register Reward (RR) is a manufacturer coupon, and it is good for a certain dollar amount off of your next shopping order at Walgreens.

Here’s an example: Walgreens ran a promotion recently where you purchase one package of Huggies diapers, and you receive a $2 Register Reward off a future purchase. The next time I make a purchase at Walgreens, I can simply hand my Register Reward to the cashier, and it will scan just like a coupon and deduct $2 off my total purchase.

Here are a few FAQs:

Q: Are there limitations to the number of Register Rewards per purchase?
A: Register Rewards are limited to one reward per purchase per offer. For instance, using the Huggies offer example, if I buy one package of Huggies, I will receive one $2 Register Reward. If I purchase more than one package, I will still only receive one $2 reward total.

Q: What if I want to earn several Register Rewards?
A: You can only earn one Register Reward per purchase per offer. If you would like to stock up on an item with a Register Reward offer, you will need to make individual, separate purchases of the offer item. Using the Huggies example, if I wanted to stock up on Huggies and earn Register Rewards for each package, I would have to do separate transactions for each package. If I bought 4 packages of Huggies over the course of 4 transactions, I would receive a total of 4 Register Rewards each good for $2 off a future purchase.

Q: Can I purchase items for different offers in one transaction?
A: Yes. To expand upon my Huggies example, let’s say there was another offer for $5 in Register Rewards when you buy one Revlon product. I could purchase a Revlon product and a package of Huggies in one transaction, and I would receive one $5 Register Reward from Revlon and one $2 Register Reward from Huggies.

Q: When I redeem the Register Reward, are there any restrictions on what I can use it for?
A: Generally, no. You do not have to use it to buy more of the same product from the original offer. With the exception of a few items (gift cards, tobacco, lottery tickets, dairy), you can use it on almost anything Walgreens sells.

Q: How long is a Register Reward valid?
A: Register Rewards expire two weeks from the date they are issued. Keep them handy, and use them up to purchase advertised deals the following week or EasySaver rebate items.

Q: Can I use Register Rewards from a previous purchase to purchase the same items on a future purchase?
A: Yes, but I would not recommend it. Let’s say I wanted to buy two Revlon items in two transactions to generate two $5 Register Rewards. I could use the $5 Register Reward received from the first transaction to pay for the Revlon item in my second transaction; however, I will not get another Register Reward at the end of the second transaction. So, if you are making multiple purchases to stock up on an item, do not use Register Rewards from the prior purchase of that particular item.

You can, however, use Register Rewards from previous offers to pay for your items.
Here’s one last example to illustrate this. Assuming in my first transaction, I purchased Huggies and Revlon and received a $2 Huggies RR and a $5 Revlon RR. In my second transaction, I just purchase a Revlon item. I can use the $2 Huggies RR towards the Revlon item, and at the end of the transaction, I will still receive a $5 Revlon RR for the second transaction.

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