Monday, June 1, 2009

A New Twist on Summer Camp

Summer is quickly approaching, and, in the Diva household that means it’s time to plan for summer camp. Last year, Junior D went to a half-day program three days a week through our city recreational center. He enjoyed the experience, but we wanted to do something different this year. This summer, Daddy Diva came up with a fun and unique idea tailored to Junior D’s interests – Fish Camp.

The “guys only” extended weekend will include a trip up to the cabin for Grandpa Diva, Daddy Diva, and Junior D. Along the way, they’ll stop at the bait shop (Lesson #1: Worms, Minnows, & Leeches). Then they’ll head out on the lake at the crack of dawn (Lesson #2: Casting, Reeling, & Netting). Throughout the day, they’ll snack on baggies full of fish crackers and gummy worms. Then, they’ll head back to the cabin with the fish they caught (Lesson #3: How to Clean a Fish), and enjoy a nice fish fry dinner.

In addition, Mommy Diva has added a few extras to round out the fish theme and add to the experience.

Custom Shirts:
I bought a T-shirt software kit from Office Depot for $9 (after mail-in rebate), some plain t-shirts and some iron-on transfer printer paper (using a 40% off coupon at Joann Fabrics). For $30, I made 4 custom camp shirts (including one for Baby D – so that he didn’t feel left out!).

Story Time: I picked out a stack of fish-themed books from the Diva boys book collection to send along for bedtime reading. Cost: $0

Fish Art:
I’m sending along a few fish-themed “cutting-and-gluing” projects to do at the cabin when they are not out fishing. Cost: $2

So, for a few days off work for Daddy Diva and a few dollars in expenses, Junior D will not only have a unique camp experience, but he’ll also have some great quality time bonding with his dad and grandpa and memories for years to come. And, if it’s a success, it just might become a new family tradition. (Stay tuned for Fish Camp photos!)

Your Turn: Share your thrifty and creative ideas for spending quality time with your family! Leave a comment with your input.

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