Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Heading to CVS? Another Freebie…

If you are headed to CVS this week to take advantage of the Huggies deal, don’t forget to pick up a Skintimate Cream Shavefree this week after ExtraBucks. This is the same item that’s free after Register Rewards at Walgreens. If they are out of stock at CVS, remember to ask for a rain check – CVS rain checks do not expire (at least in my experiences they haven’t).

Also, here’s a tip for infrequent CVS shoppers (like myself). Rather than making two separate trips to CVS – one to earn the ExtraBucks and one to redeem them – I simply do two separate purchases in one trip. Just ask the cashier to ring up two individual transacitons. In the first transaction, I buy everything that generates ExtraBucks. Then, in the second transaction, I buy everything else and apply the ExtraBucks to the purchase. This saves time and gas. It also eliminates the risk that you could misplace your ExtraBucks or forget to use them before they expire. If you do go to CVS on a weekly basis, then just save them for your next purchase and perhaps even use them to purchase other ExtraBucks-generating items, which is called “rolling them over” in coupon-lingo.

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