Thursday, May 7, 2009

Local Readers: Artisan Bread For Pennies

If you live in the Twin Cities, here's a little known secret - C2B Bakery outlet store (formerly Lofthouse Bakery) in Fridley (7350 Commerce Lane). The outlet is a little store off the north side of the bread factory, and it's only open weekdays from 9 - 4. The factory produces breads and cookies for local grocery stores (which sell for $5 or so EACH), and the outlet store sells excess artisan breads, rolls, and cookies for $0.50 - $1.00 per package. You can purchase individual loaves or, for an even bigger discount, buy a full case.

I first heard about this place a few years ago, and I try to get there whenever I have the opportunity.

Here are some of the items available on my recent visit: Organic French Baguettes (3 for $2.50), Garlic Ciabatta Loaves ($10 for a case of 10), Rosemary Garlic Rolls ($7 for a case of 84), Italian Flatbread ($1 a loaf), Earl of Sandwich sliced bread, Herbed Boule (big round loaf - great for a bread bowl!).

The selection varies every day, and they usually have anywhere from 10 to 20 varieties available.

During my recent visit, I spent a total of $10 and got 2 french baguettes, a garlic ciabatta loaf, and a case of rosemary garlic rolls.

When I opened the case, the rolls where so fresh that there was condensation on the inner bag yet. The warm, aromatic vapor was heavenly!

To preserve the rolls, I repackaged them in gallon-sized freezer bags.

Then I loaded them into our freezer, stacking the bags on top of eachother.

When I want to use them, I simply thaw a few out at room temperature, and then toss them in the oven or on the grill.

I also take them for lunch. It certainly beats plain old sandwich bread. In the morning, I toss a frozen roll in a baggie, and then I toss some lunchmeat and cheese in another baggie. At work, I let the roll thaw at room temperature, and it's ready to slice, fill, and eat by lunchtime. It's a deli-style sandwich with gourmet bread for a fraction of the deli cost (only $0.08 a roll).

Your Turn: Tell us how you save money on bread and bakery items. Leave a comment or send me an e-mail.


Anonymous said...

I, too, love C2B. At last year's truck sale, I got about 1200 premade frozen cookie dough "plops" for about $25 (4 cases). It was about 2 cents a cookie for bakery quality at home. I would just thaw and bake whenever I needed a batch. Sure beat Cub's 10 cent cookie sale, which hasn't even been seen for a few years.

Jen said...

This sounds like an awesome bakery outlet! I wish it were closer to me--I really don't get to that part of the metro! You are very lucky. I'm still looking for a bakery outlet in the south metro. I think there are some out there--just haven't done the legwork. Your post in very detailed--hope to get there sometime if I'm every in the area! Thanks for the info! Jen

Suz said...

Yum... wish they were close to me!! I love bread!