Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Saved $70 At Walgreens

As you can see from this picture, today was another great day at Walgreens. You may find it hard to believe, but I haven't made a bargain-hunting trip to Walgreens since the end of last year! With the holidays, work, and the kids, there just hasn't been much time for deal spinning. (And that's ok. It never hurts to take a break every now and then.) So, over the past 6-8 weeks, I've been letting my coupon sections from the Sunday paper blissfully pile up without so much as a glance through them. Now that things are beginning to slow down slightly, it's time to get back on track.

Here's what I got today. I made a quick trip to snag the February Easysaver Free After Rebate items, as they often go out of stock if you wait until later in the month. Before my trip, I checked Refund Cents to see what coupons were available for the rebate items, making them not only free, but profitable. Then, I headed to the store with my list and coupons.

Revlon Spa Concealer: $9.99 - $9.99Easysaver Rebate (ESR) - $1(ESR 10% bonus) - $2coupon = $3 profit

Fructis Conditioner: $3.99 - $3.99ESR - $0.40(10%) - $1coupon = $1.40 profit

Revlon Cream Lip Gloss: $9.99 - $9.99ESR - $1(10%) - $2coupon = $3 profit

Zucol Cold Medicine: $7.99 - $7.99ESR - $0.80(10%) - $2coupon = $2.80 profit

Thermacare Heatwraps: $2.49 - $2.49ESR - $0.25(10%) = $0.25 profit (no coupon - gasp)

Fusion Power Razor: $8.99 - $6 Register Reward = $2.99 paid (no coupon again)

Hershey Valentine Kisses: sale price 2 for $5 - $2coupon - $1.22Wags Ad coupon = $0.89 each

Pert 2 in 1 Shampoo: $3.49 - $1coupon - $1.50Wags ESR coupon = $0.99

Loreal Foundation: ($10.99 x 2) $21.98 - 10.99Buy1Get1Free - $3coupon - $2coupon = $2.99 each

Total Before Coupons (after sale prices): $73.91

Total Saved - Sale Prices & Coupons: $32.71

Total To Get Back With Easy Saver Rebate: $37.90

Total Register Rewards to use on next purchase: $6

So, I paid $49.91 with tax. I will get $37.90 back from rebates and $6 off for next time, which bring my net out of pocket this trip to $6.04. That's a total savings of $70.

Gotta love Walgreens!

Stay tuned...tomorrow I'll post "The Lowdown on Aldi - Part 2". If you missed Part 1, click HERE.

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