Friday, February 20, 2009

OnStar Service - Money Saving Promotion

Here's a classic example of "It never hurts to ask!"

The Diva family has OnStar in both of our vehicles. We have subscribed to it ever since our initial free year ran out a few years back. For two vehicles, we currently pay $18.95/month each for the OnStar Safe and Sound package. It's one expense we justify, as we believe it's hard to put a price on safety, and we have used the service several times over the past few years - from changing a flat tire, to notifying police in a fender-bender, and even to determine what was wrong through remote diagnostics when the "service engine" light has come on. Although we feel we have received fair value out of what we pay for the service, it still never hurts to see if we can save a few dollars.

A few days ago, I read a comment on Refund Cents that mentioned they called OnStar to cancel and were offered a lower promotional rate of just over $12/month. I did a little research online, and I found that others have recieved the $148 annual promotional renewal rate, too. Currently, we are paying $228 annually per vehicle.

Using the approach I read about in my research, I called OnStar, asked to be transferred to the renewal department, and told them I was interested in renewing both of my vehicle plans if they would offer the $148 annual promotional renewal rate for both vehicles. The renewal sales rep agreed. This lowered my annual OnStar service cost for our two vehicles by $160!

Now I'm off to add an extra $160 in savings to my 2009 Saving Tracker!

Your Turn: Have you ever received a better deal on an existing service just for asking? If so, leave a comment to share your story.

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Andy said...

I did the same thing with Cablevision. They took off $30 a month for a year, $360 just like that