Saturday, March 21, 2009

Diaper Deals: Almost Free Huggies

Believe it or not, the Diva family is running low on diapers. As a Deal Diva, my definition of “low” is that we have enough for another month or two, and since Baby D will be in diapers for a while yet, I’ll need to start looking for opportunities to stock up again soon.

Here’s what’s left of the almost free diapers we got last year during the Walgreens diaper bonanza when we were “drowning in diapers.”

(Click HERE to read about our first "drowning in diapers free spree" and then HERE to read about our second "nearly free" diaper spree from last year - including pictures of the Diva boys and their diaper fort.)

And now, here’s an opportunity to stock up on Huggies brand diapers. is offering an online coupon for $5/1 Huggies Gentle Care and $3/1 Huggies Natural Fit diapers. These can each be printed twice per computer. Click HERE.

Submit your receipts to Caregiver’s Marketplace, and you’ll save a total of either $5.75 or $3.75 per package.

Rumor has it that CVS will be running a “Buy $25 in Huggies, Get $10 ExtraBucks” sale in early April. Walgreens had a similar offer last week, and if you bought 3 packages (on sale for $30) and used 3 of the $5 coupons (- $15), you would receive $10 in Register Rewards ($-10), making your net cost $5 for 3 packages. In addition, if you submit your receipt to Caregiver’s Marketplace, you would get a refund of $0.75 per package ($2.25 total), which brings your net cost down to $2.75 for 3 packages, or $0.92 per package. Almost free!!!

Wondering where to store all your discount diapers? Check out my Stockpiling 101 post for tips.

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Rachel said...

thats great!

there is also this place that gives out free huggies where i get mine

check it out!!